When do you give presents to people? Who do you give presents to? Do you make presents or do you buy them? What's your ideal present?

Your Turn: Presents
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I give presents on birthays.And I give them to my friends.I always buy presents.
 I think my ideal present is iPad or BlackBerry (telephone) and some sweets!!!
Victoria :)

I give presents at Christmas, birthdays, new year, on thanksgiving day and san valentine day

I give presents to my friends my family.

 For Christmas I've got a new computer game about sports. It's really fun!

I give gifts to people on Christmas. I give presents to my dog. I gave gifts to my hamster, but now it deads. I buy gifts. My ideal present is Playstation 3.

i give presents to people on their birthday. i give present to my friend.
of course, i buy them. my ideal present is doll.

I like to  present gifts on the occation of birthdays.I pressents them chocolates and games cd s.I give gifts to friends and cousins.

I don't understand this game


it's good tipe! i give present to my friend birthday.my friends give present to my birthday.if i give present to friends i buy the presents and give them.