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Hello, I'm Chi from Vietnam. My friends call my Emma. Yesterday, I read doraemon compic. I can tell about this story for you today. I'm starting now:
                                                    Secrret of valley Takal(part 1)
* One day, Doraemon has a job absent. Reason Nobitasun alnone in the house. Fear friend sad, Doreamon call for him sister Doreami come to play with Nobitasun, and that day have a happen story like this:
- The Noise: Binh,binh. Ram, ram.
-Nobitasun: O, what a noise! Hey, what your idea?
-Doreami: Ha, wat idea. Anyway, I can' t hear someting.
-Nobitasun: O, really. I want to ask you a important job. Today is just right wedding parents
-Doreami: And today, you want to buy one mean present for they, right?
-Nobitasun: Yes, one mean,original and unexpected present!
-Doreami: Hum, original and unexpected present ha? Oh, it hard. To follow this present, I am lgnorant. Hey, what about you ask your parents like what.
-Nobitasun: O year, good idea. Dad, dad, can I ask you one job. O. Where is dad going?
-Dad: What is going Nobitasun?
-Mom: Hey husband, you hide in the wardrobe and you can' t sleep, right?
-Dad: Yes,I can't sleep
                                                              The end of part one
                                                            Secrret of valley Takal

Hi  I had yesterday wonderfull day I played with my dad in sooccer

I studied a lot for school! I was busy all day.

This hapen  to my dog Tombo yesterday
It was half past two and I had just finished school. My Mum was waiting at the gates with Tombo, my dog.
Can I we go to the park with Tombo, Mum? I said. Alright, we can go for two hours, said Mum.
When we got to the park, we ran to the tennis court. Let's see who can run faster.
You can't come in here, I shouted at Tombo. Mum took Tombo over to the bench and tied him to it. My Mum sat down and started to read the paper.
Did you have a nice time? Mum said. Yes, it was great. Come on, let’s go home, said Mum.
That night, Tombo couldn't sleep. He was thinking about the park. Quietly, he got out of his basket and walked downstairs.
He squeezed through the cat flap-he was outside. He ran towards the park.
Soon Tombo was at the park. He walked towards the swings. The gate was open. He went through and looked around...the playground was full of dogs.
Tombo climbed up the ladder, went down the slide, whizzed round on the roundabout, went up and down on the see-saw, bounced on the springy, and went up and down on the swing.
Woooof! barked Tombo. He went as high as he could on the swing.
Soon it was time to go. Tombo got off the swing, went through the gate and walked back home.
 He squeezed through the cat-flap, walked upstairs and got into his basket. He looked at me. And he went to sleep.
This is my English work. (real)
Daira from MEXICO!!!!

Hi Princess YakHi!
I think your dog Tombo could be friends with a dog I know called Jessie. Do you know which dog I mean? You can find her in the story on our website called No Dogs. I think Tombo and Jessie would have fun in the park together. Do you?
Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

Hi Miss Lucky Mouse
I do this work with my teacher Mercedes in Toluca,Mexico. After I read yessy's story in the internet.Today is Saturday in Mexico and I very tired and in my class of English I do my hero  and is very nice.

Hi Princess YakHi,
Thanks for writing again. That's great! I'm happy to hear that you read Jessie's story in your English class, and that you wrote to our website with your story. Well done!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

Yesterday I visited one of my friends and spent good time together

Everyday is your best day , right ? I bet the answer is YES . Yesterday ,  I went to a famous restaurant . The food were delicious indeed. We have a special food , but I don't know how to call it either. But , if you taste it , you'll feel tasty.

I met my classmates. Then, we played football in the park.