Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

In the UK people give cards to their friends when it's their friend's birthday. Is it your friend's birthday soon? Or the birthday of somebody in your family? Why not make them a card!

Watch a video to see how to make a pop-up birthday card. You can download pictures and instructions below.

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It is really creative.I made one for my friend as a birthday card and she love it.I wish we would have more templates and other designs for birthday cards

Hi CrystalBraceletJewel,

I'm happy to read that you enjoyed making the birthday card and that your friend liked it!

If you want some more birthday pictures to use on your cards, you could print some of our birthdays flashcards. You could cut them out, colour them and stick them on a card.


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creative ideas

  • I can't see the video
  • Please fix it
  • Kind Hugs
  • QueenBeadJade
Hi QueenBeadJade,
Thank you for your message. We will fix this problem as soon as possible.
Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

It's pretty and great.

6-8 years? Still looks pretty hard because I must change it I gotta do a Christmas card. Anyway I am quite new around. Looking for friends too, just like everybody here. I'm 12. (lol oldest)

I cannot print the birthday card!Can anyone hepl me?

Hi PrincessFlutePearl,
You should be able to print the birthday card by clicking 'Print a birthday card to make' and then following the usual instructions for your printer.
If it doesn't work, perhaps you can ask an adult to help you check your printer?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team