Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

In the UK people give cards to their friends when it's their friend's birthday. Is it your friend's birthday soon? Or the birthday of somebody in your family? Why not make them a card!

Watch a video to see how to make a pop-up birthday card. You can download pictures and instructions below.

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 Wow. this is a great and wonderful job and effort from my friend . beofre this video i do not any idea to make a birthday card by myslef . I learnt two things one is to learn english and 2nd to to be good skill by making a card for my cousin and for friend as well on thier birthday . We never give a birthday card to each other but we do celebrate the birthday some time. I am going to celebrate my birthday which will on 4 of April. But i am upset where i can get the stuff to make a birthday card 

 this video is very good

 this video is very god

l will make birthday card for my cousin

I like  this video


wow, cool 3>

 My father 's birthday is on 10 November 1973.He is 42 years old now.
 My mother 's birthday is on 6 May 1979.She is 36 years old now.
 My little brother 's birthday is on 13 June 2011.He is 3 years old now.
 My birthday is on 29 july 2004.I am 10 years old now.


I like birthday my 29 be born