Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

In the UK people give cards to their friends when it's their friend's birthday. Is it your friend's birthday soon? Or the birthday of somebody in your family? Why not make them a card!

Watch a video to see how to make a pop-up birthday card. You can download pictures and instructions below.

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I LIKE IT TOO ................................... 

 I love it.............................

Hi its me LadyJewelRap I hope you like my comment on birthdays because my faviourite thing on birthday parties are loads of presents because i like things that I like!

  1. Awwwwwwwwww I really like cards on my birthday
  2. I also like birthday presants
  3. and finnaly i like the birthday cake

I know that the girl from the story is changing tooth but she is talking strange.I love the instruktions and love the card very much!

Dear Miss lucky Mouse,
How can we get the pictures for the card? Is it there on the website itself or we have to get it from out???

 Hi Lady Fashion Drum

If you click on the orange bar under the video which says 'Print instructions and pictures...' you will find all the pictures there. Can you see them? You need to print out these pages and then you can make your card. Ok? 

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor) 

I like it. It is interesting

 I also LOVED this video!
Friends will love it SO much! 

 i did to i think your comment is great!!!!!