Oh no! Animals have left the alphabet zoo. Can you help the guard to get them back to their cages?

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Tell us about the last time you went to the zoo


Which zoo did you go too?

Who did you go with?

Which animals did you see?

Which was your favourite animal?


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i went to new delhi zoo in india.bangkok dusit zoo in thailand
iwent ther with my freinds asha emily and laila
ican see so many animal but my favaorite is tiger and lion

Even I live in INDIA, AlwaysButtercupBird. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO DELHI BUT I HAVE BEEN TO BANGKOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirpu zoo, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  •  very dificul
  1. heh heh very veryy   easy 

this game is vith animals. I like animals but i don' t like monkey
i like snake and impala

 i like impala

this is truly boring