Sonia gets a new computer game for her birthday. What will happen when she starts playing? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Sonia's computer game is very exciting. What's your favourite computer game? Tell us about it!

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i love it

  •  dinosaur dig
  • i think in a jungle
  • i dont know
  • on my own
  • i dont know
  • yes

i hate puzzle games

my favorite game is y8 and y5 it is very good game and my favorite food is pizza and chicken chips it is very good and my favorite film is simpson and family guy. 

this a adventure story!
it is cool and nice!
I like very much this story!

My favourite game is called Ni No Kuni: The white witch's anger. It is set in different cityies of a parallel world, sometimes it is set in Motorville, in the real world. You must rescue the white witch to win the game. You can only play one player. The graphics are perfect because the images are very real.I would recommend this game to my friends because I love role games.


bad story

this is interesting story...