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Your Turn: Yesterday
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Yesterday i play with my dog ,i do Spanish homework .It was fun.

Yesterday I was at home.

Yesterday i have been at home

I was sick yesterday.I did Ukrainian homework.I didn't peel a potato.

Yesterday was an extremely happy birthday for me. On the night before, when I went to bed, my parents secretly decorated the house with filled pink balloons, a line happy birthday with colorful balloon too.
Besides, they also prepared birthday cake and presents for me, but the most special thing was that they invited grandmother to attend. I had never had such a wonderful birthday.
This is the best birthday I have ever had

I played football yesterday. And it was fun.

I played football. I won 3:0.And today I won 9:0.

I've been barbecue whit my brother's friends.

Yesterday was Friday . And tomorrow my uncle was come . And I was played a lot . And I go to Basumdhara . that was really fun day . but when I live in jamalpur that was really fun day . But now I live in Dhaka yesterday was little bit fun .

my day was nice . I went to safari park .I saw lots of tigers , lions , zebras .