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hy,i am agentrunningmotorbike.yesterday i do help my mom for cooking.

yesterday I went for joging with my dad.After this I also played a lot.

Yesterday it was rain all the day. After dinner, I read book and went to bed soon.

Yesterday i was helping my mum make a birthday surprise for my older sister !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi My Name Is GoldFlamingoDentist
Yeterday Was A Wonderful Day I Went To Aquiarium.....!!
But What I`m Telling You Is The Past.....!!

Yesterday I made sunglasses for my teddybear.

I read Winnetu, again!

 Yesterday, I went to my aunt's home. My parents let me stay there all the day. I played football with my cousins at the back yard. I waited for this day all the exams days, finaly I got free for school and I enjoied the day as i wanted to.

Yesterday , I went to BANGLADESH SHISHU (CHILDREN) ACADEMY.Hurrahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went to Simpang Lima Tamil School for coloring contest. I met many friends,they came from other school. There was a clown  performed magic on the stage. I had a great time.