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yesterday i went to school and  i played with my friends.I then went home after school  i  watch my T.V and then I played soccer with my brothers

i cant remmber what i did yesterday

yesterday when i got home i played my computer.

yesterday i  went to my brothers summer camp with my mother , i saw my friends

Hi Bright Ghost 4000. I hope you're feeling better today! 

Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

Yesterday I was suffering from pain in abdomen and contineous vomiting therefore, unable to perform any work and remain on bed whole the day

well, I came to my home from my summer home yesterday. but I will go to there next weeks. and at home, you know I watched TV, slept...

Hi Princess Purlple Chilly! 

Thanks for writing to tell us about what you did yesterday. It sounds like you had a nice day. Bye! Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

yesterday i went to my grandfather,s house and played with my aunts after that i went back to my house with my beautiful mum

i have 6 sister and 3 brother then me .........
1st my sister she is the oldest 20, then my 2th sister she is 18, then my 3rd sister she is 16,  then my 4th brother he is 15, then my 5th sister she is 12, then i am the 6th i am ten i am a girl, then me 7th sister she is 8, then my 8th sister she is 6, then my 9th brother he is 5, then my youngest brother he is 3
how many brother and sister do you have?
and how old are they ?