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yesterday?yesterday....oh ya! i had no school it was sunday june 24 i have to log out bye bye!!!

my yesterday, i was very happy. Because i go to the park, eat the delicous ice cream in my country(vietnam)

My name is Denis. I am from Donetsk, Ukraine. Yesterday my friends and I played football. I was a goalkeeper. We were divided into 2 teams. The match began. At the third minute the player of our team Sacha scored a goal, the score was 1 to 0. Then at the fifteenth minute Daniil scored a goal and the score became 2 to 0 in our favour. The opponent team was strong, our footballers played a little better. I caught many balls. But though our defence was weak we won. The score was 2 to 1 in favour of our team. We were tired but happy. Football is a great fun! I enjoyed the day.

My name is Nastya.I am from Ukraine.I live in Donetsk.Yesterday was a very good day for me.At school I got very good marks.I  had a bit of homework to do.I did it and then I went out with my friends.We were chatting about interesting films which we had seen.We  were walking for three hours.Then I came back home and watched TV the rest of the time.After that my parents came home.They brought my favorite ice-cream.I am inter ice-cream very much.Then we  watched very exciting film.

Yesterday was a wonderful day.I had a picnic near  a magnificent stream in an oasis in Saudi Arabia . my mother had prepared a juicy chicken roast.After eating, we went to play with sticks and boats.then we went to explore the desert.Finally we left the oasis and drove back to our home in the city.

Yesterday, wasn't a nice day. I was ill/sick. 

Love from Veronica

Yesterday was the Junior Eurovision on TV. Georgia won! The Netherland was the 2nd. Who's looking too??

Yeesteerdaayy :/ Hmm. Maybe a hard question.... Or... No, no very easy.
I go to school. And come. Do my tests. Do my homework. Come my mother. Have a dinner. Watch television. And sleep. Proasic....

Yesterday was a very nice day for me but it was kind of busy but it was fun. I had a lot of fun at school, while returning home in the bus, and after getting out of  the bus ad a nice talk with my neighbor, in my arabic classes with my classmates and my teacher, after returning home from my arabic classes playing in the rain by myself in the balcony of my house, in the evening making a microsoft powerpoint presentation by myself on my evs lesson Sanctuary for the flora and fauna that as accidentally deleted by me, at night starting a new presentation in a new evs lesson The games we play and after dinner having a talk with my friend at 10 'o' clock then I gotready for bed and went to sleep. That was my busy  and fantastic yesterday.

I went to school and came back and my brother fighted with me I was so angry and today my friend samara said '' Ask your mum if you can come to my house'' and I said ''okay,but shall I take my brother with me '' and she was like ''no and she has a paddling pool but I have to ask my mum or dad and samara has to ask her mum!!!!!!!!!!