What did you do yesterday? Tell us all about your day!

Your Turn: Yesterday
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Nice question,why did I di yesterday?
hum!Yesterday,was Saturday,First I wake up,have a bath put on my clothes,take my breakfast etc,etc.I made my homework,I learn (maths,english,french.science,his/geo).Next, I read a nice book "The Lottie project" and I watched T.V ,My friend phoned me and we chatter,chatter,chatter.
Yesterday was a really nice day!

Yesterday a friend of my brother and his brother came to my house in the pool. We squirted each other and we play football. We also ate  a good ice cream.

 i do ruby rap three.

 Hi,everyone!I'll tell you about yesterday...
Yesterday,I got up earle,It was ten o'clock in the morning.Then,I tidied my room.At two o'clock I did my homework and I studied all the day because I've gotten test tomorrow.It was eight o'clock MD when I slept...This was my day!!!!!

Yesterday i got a barbie set. I am very happy................


yesterday I'm happy  .
I'm walked at school at nine o'clock .
I'm did my homework  and played  at game.
It's a very funny day .

its fantastic the history .I'm happy very happy

hiiiiiii everyone

Yesterday I was walking in the beach