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 yesterday i didn't do anything special...I enter to computer....made my home work ...and slept ...hahha

Yesterday I woke up in the morning early and said 'Morning' to my cousin called Andy. He replied 'Morning'. Me and Andy tide up the living room. My mum woke up and took her morning coffee. I was drawing something on paper and before that i ate breakfast. And after a few minutes  and then I gone on my laptop. 
My cousin got off the computer saying he has special meeting outside, and my mum said she has to go out for something with my uncle. I was not coming. I stayed home alone figuring out what to do.. I've done a tons of things before they came, my cousin arrived at home again shortly but he said he is only here to take the jacket, I didn't know why,who and what. Then my mum came back with my uncle, she and uncle talked a bit and then ate something for lunch. My uncle's friend arrived and then they were talking a lot. Whilst I was playing with random stuff. 
A movie on TV appeared and me and mum watched it. After the movie we were seeing which actor's were on the movie. And yes I liked the movie... And then.. a lot of things happened.
After I ate dinner and I gone to bed wishing everyone a good night. 

Yesterday  I   did  exercises. I  went in birthaday!                                                                                                                                  

Me he nice.:)

As my school is closed until 16 january ... so i did a very unexciting day yesterday..oh! first of all mom was getting angry with me for not to getting up early in the morning...then as usual i sat infront of pc for playing games....and when the time has passed i didn't noticed...what do i do ..tell me? mom always scolded me..but i want to happy my parents but i couldn't ... my exam result is always bad...oh! :-(

 Well we have half tram so i went to see paul at the cinniam with my mum and dad and brother but they would not let us in i felt really horribe. today i am on this website learning.

Yesyerday I studied math and I played a computer games.

i saw movie it is in 3d and it was tangeld

Yesterday I played a soccor and I studied English~~!!!