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i saw movie it is in 3d and it was tangeld

Yesterday I played a soccor and I studied English~~!!!


Hello everyone,
I am QueenBuddy8,
Yesterday was a very very fun day.....
I went to Burj Khalifa (The tallest building) which is in Dubai.
I saw dancing water with such colourful lights and tradisnal music.
It was a very great sight!
We snaped some photes of it with our Sony camera.
I also saw aqarium but it was leaking so we didn't get in.
We saw rainforestes animals.
We also saw artifisial waterfall and much more.
I went there with our car My father was driving.
I went there with my father, younger sister, youngest brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, mother and me.
It was much fun.
Yesterday was a holiday and I had done my homework and my sister too my brother is going to be 3 years old in 31st december, So he has no homework to do nor school to go!

   Yesterday I went to school and l studed for test and,
   went to piano academy and came home, took a rest~!!

Yesteday, I learnt and played

I gonna go to scholl   today it is my thid scholl,not becauseI am a bad peorsen.becouse I go to fist grade I was  in Turkey , in 2nd grade in America ,and now I am in turkey.

Before yesterday we go to the pool ,firstı I jump to the pool,my dad is saying that I am good swiming,becouse I work alot ,go to swiming scholl two times. Love to swim.

 Hi,yesterday my aunt call us and said there baby was gonna born today.

Hi  princcesrapcrstal,I am going to 3rd grade to.