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 Hi,yesterday my aunt call us and said there baby was gonna born today.

Hi  princcesrapcrstal,I am going to 3rd grade to.

I will start the school on Wednesday. This is a new Elementary School. Its name is BLIS. Thisis my third shcool, since I started Elementary. I am in the 3rd grade. This is because my fathers job. He changed his place three times in three years.

Yesterday, I started High School. I am 11 year and in the 6and grade.
It feels good. I have new teachers and friends. They all are good to me. I have to take the car, bus or the bicycle to get there. The school schedule is hard to follow but I belive that parhaps one or two weeks later, i can falow the schedule right. 

yesterday I went to the school,I dont like school.After school I went to my home,I like my home.

 Yesterday was school day. I was very tired. I'm busy during the day.
I was helping my teacher and my friend. Oh yes you can call me Fely ;)

Hello, sorry for take you wait.Let's start :
                                              Secret of vally Takal( part 3 )
-  Doreami: But what place is quiet? Let me check the computer. The computer is find. A, have answer.
- Nobitasun: Vally Takal? Where is it?
- Doreami: Me too. Let's go that to see.
- Nobitasun: Year, we are look fist and parent are follows. Hope that place is queit. Wow. Why up here has snow, Doreami?
                                                                  It the end of part three
                                                                 Secret of vally Takal 

very cool

hello,my name is Nguyen
yesterday i was at home but it very fun. all day I was at my mother and father room,there a sewing machines . and my mother made for a dess. In the evening draw a dess for my doll . Anh my mother ptromised today she will teach my  to make clothes for doll

Yesterday was my second day at school .  I am now in third grade.  I like being a third grader!!