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Your Turn: Yesterday
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Yesterday I visited one of my friends and spent good time together

Everyday is your best day , right ? I bet the answer is YES . Yesterday ,  I went to a famous restaurant . The food were delicious indeed. We have a special food , but I don't know how to call it either. But , if you taste it , you'll feel tasty.

I met my classmates. Then, we played football in the park.

i went to watch the karate kid
by the way, cineworld popcorn, rip off 7.20 for a large popcorn

Yesterday i had a great day! i met with some friends after "English school" and had a nice lunch!

Yesterday, i was in action to by a car someone bought a car for 100 pounds!

Yesterday i went to international school at there i played soccer with my friends,after I played soccer I went home.In my house,  I played with my sister.After i played with my sister I brushed my teeth. And  I went to sleep after that.

yesterday! i studied all day. I drive cycle at evening. i play games on learnengliskids.org late night. i went to asleep.
It is a very funny day.

I am sleep all day because I dont have school , and red my story .