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Hi Princess YakHi!
I think your dog Tombo could be friends with a dog I know called Jessie. Do you know which dog I mean? You can find her in the story on our website called No Dogs. I think Tombo and Jessie would have fun in the park together. Do you?
Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

Hi Miss Lucky Mouse
I do this work with my teacher Mercedes in Toluca,Mexico. After I read yessy's story in the internet.Today is Saturday in Mexico and I very tired and in my class of English I do my hero  and is very nice.

Hi Princess YakHi,
Thanks for writing again. That's great! I'm happy to hear that you read Jessie's story in your English class, and that you wrote to our website with your story. Well done!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

Yesterday I visited one of my friends and spent good time together

Everyday is your best day , right ? I bet the answer is YES . Yesterday ,  I went to a famous restaurant . The food were delicious indeed. We have a special food , but I don't know how to call it either. But , if you taste it , you'll feel tasty.

I met my classmates. Then, we played football in the park.

i went to watch the karate kid
by the way, cineworld popcorn, rip off 7.20 for a large popcorn

Yesterday i had a great day! i met with some friends after "English school" and had a nice lunch!

Yesterday, i was in action to by a car someone bought a car for 100 pounds!

Yesterday i went to international school at there i played soccer with my friends,after I played soccer I went home.In my house,  I played with my sister.After i played with my sister I brushed my teeth. And  I went to sleep after that.